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BlackBerry PlayBook OS updated with Flash security fix

There's a new BlackBerry PlayBook OS upgrade that features a security fix for Flash and DST update for Latin America, Australia, and Canada.

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PlayBook running Flash
PlayBook running Flash

No, this isn't PlayBook OS 2.0 with native email and calendar functions — that's due in February — but RIM's just pushed out a fairly major update that includes a final version of the Flash plug-in which addresses a security vulnerability Adobe announced earlier this month. It also has a DST fix for Latin America, Australia, and Central America, while adding better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a fix for BlackBerry App World payment issues, and improved synching when restoring apps with BlackBerry Desktop Software. The OS upgrade has already begun rolling out to current PlayBook users, while tablets purchased after November 24th will automatically be updated as part of the set-up process.