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Twitter for BlackBerry gains multiple account support, with a catch

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RIM's official Twitter for BlackBerry app has been updated with multiple account support and single timeline view — but you can only use those features from BlackBerry Social Feeds.

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bold 9930

The official Twitter for BlackBerry app has always lagged behind third-party alternatives, and its feature set is downright depressing compared to official clients on other platforms. With Version 2.1, however, RIM is finally adding one notable feature many users have been waiting for: multiple account support. The updated app will hit BlackBerry App World within the next 24 hours, letting you view Tweets from up to five separate accounts in a single timeline and post to multiple accounts simultaneously. However, there's a catch: the single timeline and multi-account posting only works from the BlackBerry Social Feeds app, and not through the Twitter app itself. "Share to BBM" has also been given a more prominent position in the menu to match RIM's focus on its messaging client. We're as baffled as you are regarding why RIM keeping so much stuff out of the Twitter app itself, but if it means fewer ads from UberSocial and no more waiting for a SocialScope invite, we'll take what we can get.