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Free BlackBerry PlayBook offer for app developers extended to March 2nd

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RIM has extended the deadlines for its free BlackBerry Playbook offer to developers. Registration has been extended to February 15th, and apps must be submitted by March 2nd.

blackberry playbook
blackberry playbook

Are you an Android app developer who dreamed of a free PlayBook, but didn't manage to submit anything to BlackBerry App World before today's deadline? Worry not, as RIM is throwing you a lifeline — you now have until the end of February 15th to register with App World, and until March 2nd to submit an app. The company seems to be surprised with the "overwhelming interest" in the offer, and says it's extending the submission period so that it has time to process and approve all the apps. As of last Friday, there have been 1,500 new apps sent for review, and 6,600 new developer registrations. While we're not sure it's exactly a sustainable business model for the folk at RIM going forward, it's good to see that they've finally found a way to make people take PlayBooks off their hands.