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Book Review

Samsung Rising goes deep on corruption, chaebols, and corporate chaos

JY Yang’s Tensorate series is a sweeping, experimental blend of sci-fi and fantasy

Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron is a thrilling examination of the cost of war

Neal Stephenson’s Fall is Paradise Lost with brain uploading and weaponized fake news

Magic for Liars blends magic school with a murder mystery

Storm of Locusts is like American Gods meets Mad Max: Fury Road

Waste Tide is a chilling sci-fi novel about class war and trash in near-future China

A Memory Called Empire is a brilliant blend of cyberpunk, space opera, and political thriller

Tiamat’s Wrath raises the stakes as The Expanse nears the end

The Light Brigade is a worthy successor to Starship Troopers

Famous Men Who Never Lived is a powerful novel about alternate worlds and the plights of refugees

Golden State updates the dystopian thriller for the #FakeNews era

Foundryside is a cyberpunk adventure wrapped in an epic fantasy novel

The Star Wars Archives is a monster behind-the-scenes book

Big Damn Hero is a familiar trip back to Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe

I want to buy this YA trilogy about gene-hacking for every teen I know

Red Moon is a novel full of fascinating ideas that never come together

These two books look at a pair of sci-fi’s most influential projects and their flawed creators

Martha Wells’ Murderbot series is a fantastic story about what it means to be human

The Nier: Automata novel gives fans yet another playthrough

Ball Lightning is a gripping tale of obsession from the biggest name in Chinese sci-fi

The novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story adds new depth to the film

The Lady Astronaut novels are an enthralling alternate history of the space race

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With Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik cements her status as one of the great YA fantasy authors

In The Robots of Gotham, AI has taken over the world — and become exactly like us

Paul Tremblay’s apocalyptic novel The Cabin at the End of the World is a parents’ worst nightmare

Trail of Lightning is a breathtaking Native American urban fantasy adventure

The hardest part of preparing for disasters is overcoming human nature

The new Star Wars novel goes deep into the past and future of Han Solo

John Scalzi’s Head On is a murder mystery set in a robot fighting league 

Space Opera is the funniest science fiction novel I’ve read since Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Margaret Killjoy’s Danielle Cain books are razor-sharp anarchist urban fantasies