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The bird is freed (and the book is available for pre-order).

Verge alum Zoë Schiffer just announced her new book, Extremely Hardcore: Inside Elon Musk’s Twitter, which will expand on her reporting from Platformer, New York Magazine, and of course, this very website. Here’s what Bloomberg’s Matt Levine has to say about it:

Zoë Schiffer has written the definitive book on perhaps the weirdest business story of our time. A fast-paced and riveting account of a hilarious and tragic mess.

The book comes out next February. Pre-order it!

The cover of Zoë Schiffer’s book, Extremely Hardcore

A cookbook helped me understand Dragon Age’s origins

Food, fine dwarven food straight from Orzammar!

Braun: Designed to Keep is a book worth holding onto

A century of design — with and without Dieter Rams — giving credit where credit is due.

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It’s curtains for Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series.

Netflix’s adaptation of author Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone series seemed like it could have been the streamer’s next big hit when it was first dropped back in 2021. But after just two seasons, Netflix has done what Netflix does, and announced that the show has been cancelled.

The message is clear in Leave the World Behind’s new teaser clip.

The scale and gravity of the imminent danger everyone is in isn’t clear to humans in Netflix’s upcoming feature length adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s novel Leave the World Behind.

But in a new clip from the film, every single forest animal living in the northeast coast seems to know what the deal is, and that they need to get the hell out of dodge before whatever the danger is gets them.

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Michael Lewis would like Sam Bankman-Fried’s jury to read his book.

“If I were a juror, I would rather hear my story than either defense or prosecution,” Lewis tells Andrew Chow at Time. Also:

I want to ask about some details that appeared in various charging documents and complaints against Sam but are featured less prominently or not at all in your book. One is that Bankman-Fried allegedly bribed Chinese officials to release money from a frozen Alameda account.

I know too much about that, and it seemed like a distraction.

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Amazon released a new Kindle app for the sickos who read books on a Mac.

Amazon has released a new Kindle app for macOS, reports Good e-Reader. The new app has been redesigned to look more like iOS and now supports new features like a reading ruler, more fonts, a full-screen view, and page-turn animations.

You had me at page-turn animations, Amazon.

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“Yes, it is a Ponzi structure. But it is not a Ponzi.”

In this entertaining excerpt from Zeke Faux’s forthcoming book, we get a glimpse of the crypto Bahamas conference before Sam Bankman-Fried’s fall. Pretty fun stuff! Seems like Michael Lewis was all-in on SBF, among other nuggets here.

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Stephen King illustrates, in his way, the difference between human writers and AI.

The famed horror author, whose body of work is weaved (in a multi-verse-before-multiverses-were-popular way) around a fantasy series about a gunslinger in a post-technological society that incorporates a sentient AI train (who is a pain), wrote for The Atlantic that he isn’t worried about AI supplanting him.

At least, not yet. This abridged passage illustrates why:

A character creeps up on another character and shoots him in the back of the head with a small revolver. When the shooter rolls the dead man over, he sees a small bulge in the man’s forehead. The bullet did not quite come out, you see. When I sat down that day, I knew the murder was going to happen, and I knew it was going to be murder by gun. I did not know about that bulge, which becomes an image that haunts the shooter going forward. That was a genuine creative moment, one that came from being in the story and seeing what the murderer was seeing. It was a complete surprise.

Could a machine create that bulge? I would argue not, but I must—reluctantly—add this qualifier: Not yet.

Readers pick the best tech books of all time

We asked you for your favorites, and you delivered.

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Samuel R. Delany, sci-fi legend, may have had a mini-stroke, but he doesn’t want to discuss his own significance.

Delany, who is seriously one of the greats, is “willing to discuss nearly anything but his own literary significance. Openly sharing the most intimate minutiae of his life—finances, hookup apps, Depends—he recoiled with Victorian modesty whenever I asked why he’d written his books or what they meant to his readers.”

The profile is a delight all the same.

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TikTok’s owner is apparently getting into the book publishing business.

#BookTok is evidently a big thing, and seeing how influential its platform is, TikTok owner ByteDance has begun to court writers to publish their books under its new 8th Note Press, according to The New York Times.

Not everyone sees this as good news. Though it is offering rates “competitive with industry standards,” some worry ByteDance will push its own books at the expense of others.

How AI art killed an indie book cover contest

Science fiction and fantasy authors are struggling with AI-generated media — and formulating strategies to deal with it.

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People under 30 do not read this.

Hello, fellow olds. Let’s help solve a mystery. Remember that cover of A Wrinkle in Time with the centaur that’s got wings for arms? The nightmare-fuel one? Okay. Does anyone know who designed it?

Just in time for Towel Day on May 25th, this new Hitchhiker’s Guide Folio Society edition is here.

Check out the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy collectible edition being released tomorrow by The Folio Society. Gizmodo has some of the artwork in a slideshow.

The hardcover five-part trilogy set features new art from series artist Jonathan Burton, colorful metallic folio paper tops, and a handmade presentation box. Just 750 sets are being made, and you can pre-order one now but it will cost you $875.

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Hey, kid, wanna hear a dead body?

The actor Edward Herrmann, who died in 2014, is still the narrator for newly-published audiobooks. His family has used  DeepZen Ltd, to reanimate his voice, and presumably make more profits from his synthetic narration.

DeepZen says it has signed deals with 35 publishers in the US, but I didn’t have much trouble distinguishing the AI from the live read in the audio quiz.

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Sorry, Erik Larson fans.

Hulu’s apparently no longer working on an adaptation of The Devil in the White City, a book about a serial killer and a world’s fair that helped usher in alternating current electricity as the dominant form of power.

It’s possible we’ll still get a TV adaptation of the book, but it probably won’t be a Hulu original.