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Facebook may copy your app, but Amazon will copy your shoe

Netflix is debating bonuses for directors with popular or award-winning films

CBS, Viacom, and WarnerMedia ban e-cigarette advertisements amid vaping health crisis

MoviePass is shutting down September 14th

Amazon-owned Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for part-time workers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person

J.J. Abrams signs exclusivity deal with WarnerMedia reportedly worth $250 million

NIO laying off dozens more employees in Silicon Valley

Uber announces another round of layoffs as financial uncertainty looms

Wow Air, the bankrupt budget airline, will make a comeback in October

The man responsible for the BMW i8 is taking over as CEO of Faraday Future

DoorDash breaks silence on driver tips, says it’ll start paying them next month

Eminem’s publisher sues Spotify for copyright infringement over ‘Lose Yourself’ and other tracks

Apple TV Plus will reportedly cost $9.99 per month and launch in November

Apple reportedly ups TV spending by $5 billion to compete with Amazon and Netflix

Former Siri chief is leaving Apple to join Microsoft’s AI division

Tesla launches a rental plan to help its slumping home solar panel business

Trump says Tim Cook made ‘good case’ that trade war helps Samsung over Apple

Canoo’s CEO steps away as the startup shows off EV designs

The subscription startup born from Faraday Future’s ashes

Cloudflare warns investors that sites like 8chan are a risk to its business

NIO co-founder leaves the EV startup in the middle of a tumultuous year

WeWork isn’t a tech company; it’s a soap opera

Amazon will now donate unsold warehouse merchandize by default instead of trashing it

Caviar employees claim DoorDash and Square are mistreating them over acquisition offers

This AI startup claims to automate app making but actually just uses humans

CBS and Viacom are merging to become ViacomCBS

Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell is leaving the company after seven years

NIO wraps up battery recall early, but it’s at the expense of sales

Walmart denies report that it’s taking violent video games off shelves

Facebook wants to be relevant in news again, and it’s willing to pay millions to bring back publishers

FedEx is ending its ground-shipping contract with Amazon

Apple plans to restrict how messaging apps access background iOS data

Apple will limit internet voice call functionality

EV startup NIO sold its Formula E racing team

Yelp swaps restaurant phone numbers with Grubhub-affiliated ones when you call from the app

Amazon price alerts are leading sellers to raise prices on Walmart or risk losing perks

DoorDash is acquiring Square’s food delivery platform Caviar for $410 million

Google is testing a Play Pass subscription service for premium apps and games

Twitter’s new ad campaign desperately wants to remind you that Twitter used to be fun

Samsung’s profit cut in half on slow sales of memory and flagship phones

Apple confirms the Apple Card is coming in August