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Google is poaching Qualcomm and Intel engineers for its new chip design team

Google and Microsoft warn investors that bad AI could harm their brand

DoorDash and Amazon Flex will keep their tipping policies, despite Instacart outcry

Amazon copies brick-and-mortar stores by launching a new home shopping channel

Amazon reportedly reconsidering New York headquarters after widespread backlash

HQ2 could leave New York

Another self-driving car startup is starting small, and that’s a good thing

Twitter keeps losing monthly users, so it’s going to stop sharing how many

GoPro turns its first profit since 2017, thanks to the Hero 7

Tinder added more than 1 million subscribers last year

Spotify, the leading music streaming app, is finally profitable

Instacart revises controversial pay policy after accusations of tip stealing

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts is leaving in April

Alphabet spent more than $1.3 billion last quarter on ‘other bets’ like Loon and Waymo