Startup workers are tweeting about how much money they actually make

Nitasha Tiku May 1, 2015 02:43 pm05.01.2015 109

Happy International Workers' Day, now tell Twitter what you get paid. A programmer named Lauren Voswinkel first proposed the idea of publicly tweeting your job title, experience level, and salary under the...

Meerkat launches on Android before Twitter's Periscope

Ben Popper May 1, 2015 11:37 am05.01.2015 7

Live streaming was the buzz word at SXSW this year. Between Twitch, YouNow, Periscope, and Meerkat, the ability to broadcast yourself in real time is becoming more and more mainstream. Meerkat was the...

Meerkat pops up on the Play Store

Comcast sued a city trying to build high-speed internet — then offered its own version

Ben Popper May 1, 2015 02:07 pm05.01.2015 52

The small city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has played a large role in the movement to expand high-speed internet around the US. It wanted to build its own municipal fiber network, but was sued by incumbents...

Municipal broadband is spurring incumbent ISPs to offer better service

Tidal launches new Discovery feature and promises to promote unsigned artists

Ben Popper April 30, 2015 01:33 pm04.30.2015 10

Jay's new music service, Tidal, has come under fire for being an out-of-touch attempt to get some of music's biggest names even more money. The star-studded launch event, where many very wealthy...

Is Tidal really trying to change the way the industry works?

Sony should probably stop making phones

Sam Byford April 30, 2015 03:51 am04.30.2015 226

Sony has reported earnings for its 2014 fiscal year along with forecasts for the next, and the numbers don’t give much reason for the company to stick with certain struggling products. Sony made an...

Stop hanging on the telephone

Uber wants to deliver clothes and jewelry from fancy stores

James Vincent April 29, 2015 11:37 am04.29.2015 5

Uber is currently testing a same-day delivery program for high-end retailers, according to a report from TechCrunch. As many as 400 brands including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Hugo Boss, and Neiman Marcus...

"just gonna uber myself some Louboutins."

The Sony we loved is gone

Sam Byford April 29, 2015 07:30 am04.29.2015 41

Over the past couple of years, Sony has been moving away from the ailing consumer electronics industry and focusing on its strong components business. The company has found particular success in image...

The old Sony is gone

China is rewriting the rules of the mobile game, and Apple is still winning

read the feature

Samsung is once again the world's biggest smartphone vendor, but its profits haven't recovered

Vlad Savov April 29, 2015 04:08 am04.29.2015 103

For a brief moment at the end of last year, Apple and Samsung shared the title of the world's biggest smartphone maker, with each shipping somewhere around 74 million devices in Q4. The first three months...

Selling more, but cheaper handsets

Periscope hit 1 million users in its first 10 days

Nathan Ingraham April 28, 2015 05:41 pm04.28.2015 7

Twitter's live streaming app Periscope launched late in the last quarter, and Twitter just shared some stats on its adoption — according to CEO Dick Costolo, 1 million users signed in to Periscope in the...

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is bullish on live video

Meet the Twitter account that helped shave over $5 billion off Twitter's market cap

Jacob Kastrenakes April 28, 2015 05:01 pm04.28.2015 15

Twitter was scheduled to release its quarterly earnings after the New York Stock Exchange closed this evening, but things took a different turn when the Twitter account of a financial services company got...

Twitter beat Twitter to Twitter's data

Twitter reaches 300 million active users, but the stock crashes after earnings leak early

Chris Welch and Ben Popper April 28, 2015 04:01 pm04.28.2015 27

Twitter's having a rough afternoon. Before markets even closed, the company's quarterly earnings were leaked by Selerity, a company that apparently scraped them from Twitter's own investor page. After its...

Twitter's earnings release is scooped by one of its own users

Uber is bringing its food delivery service to New York City and Chicago

Nitasha Tiku April 28, 2015 06:00 am04.28.2015 14

This week Uber is launching its food delivery service, UberEats, in New York City and Chicago. The company has already piloted the program in Los Angeles and Barcelona. UberEats will be accessible from...

Finally, an app that delivers food!
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