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Button of the Month

Button of the Month

In today’s digital age, it sometimes feels like hardware has taken a back seat to the software that drives our devices. Button of the Month is a monthly column that explores the physical pieces of our phones, tablets, and controllers that we interact with every day.

The Mr. Coffee ‘brew now’ button is an escape from sleepiness

The BlackBerry Storm showed why you should never turn a touchscreen into a button

The Steam Controller’s troubled trackpads made for a better Steam Deck

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The eject button held all the power on the original Xbox

Button of the month: the Xbox eject button

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You must never press the original Razr’s forbidden internet button

Button of the month: the Motorola Razr internet button

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The snooze button is the best part of the world’s most hated gadget

Button of the month: the snooze button

It’s party time, smash the EXTRA BASS button

The Stagg electric kettle has the best boiling button

The N64 controller was a weird but essential introduction to joysticks

The Pebble’s hardware buttons couldn’t save smartwatches from touchscreens

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The Palm Pre home button was the first to be the last

Button of the month: the Palm Pre home button

The AirPods Pro’s force sensor is a more comfortable way to control audio

Roku does customizable buttons right on the Voice Remote Pro

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The DualSense’s adaptive triggers show how to make a button feel next-gen

Button of the month: PS5 DualSense adaptive triggers

The Apple TV’s touchpad swipes and misses at being a good remote

Staples’ Easy Button is a cheap toy that envisions a perfect button

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The microwave’s ‘add 30 seconds’ button offers an escape from cold digital precision

Button of the month: the ‘add 30 seconds’ microwave button

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Sony’s Back Button Attachment is a glimpse at the PS5 controller we didn’t get

Button of the month: DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

Apple added a secret button to your iPhone, and you may not have even noticed

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The literally useless Roku diamond button might actually be a good idea

Button of the month: mysterious Roku Touch diamond button

The original digital watch button foretold the battery life struggle of modern smartwatches

The Chromecast’s reset button is proof of the reliability of hardware in a digital world

The ThinkPad TrackPoint tried to build a better mouse

Apple’s butterfly keyboard failed by prioritizing form over function

The Netflix button is an advertisement masquerading as a product

Apple’s shutter button case highlights the power of software control

TiVo’s skip button changed how we watch TV forever

The transforming Xbox 360 D-pad is proof that bad buttons can get better

Fingerprint-reading power buttons make securely booting up a seamless process

Logitech’s MX Master 3 scroll wheel is focused hardware at its best

The iPhone X’s power button reflects the evolution of the smartphone

The Google Home Mini’s mute switch makes privacy deliberate