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The Lotus Evija is a ludicrously powerful electric hypercar

Tesla to charge $1,000 more for ‘full self-driving’ Autopilot package in August

Tesla drops Standard Range versions of Model S and X

Tesla workers say they had to cut corners to meet production goals

Trump’s vehicle emissions rollback is dicey, so he’s lowering the fine for guzzling gas

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire is more electric motorcycle than I’ll ever need

Ford-VW alliance expands to include autonomous and electric vehicles

Chinese EV startup Seres halts US launch, lays off 90 people in Silicon Valley

Former Tesla employee admits uploading Autopilot source code to his iCloud

The first electric Mini helps explain why BMW’s CEO just quit

Formula E’s electric off-road SUV is an absolute unit

People in Japan are renting cars but not driving them

Volkswagen’s electric racecar breaks 20-year-old Goodwood hill climb record

Toyota is testing a much more efficient solar roof for its electric cars

Jaguar’s next EV will be an electric XJ sedan

Tesla rebounds from bad first quarter by setting new record for deliveries

EV startup Rivian has poached dozens from Ford, McLaren, Tesla, and Faraday Future

Madrid’s mayor halts low-emissions zone that reduced traffic and pollution

Fake noise will be added to new electric cars starting today in the EU

Hans Zimmer designed the sound for BMW’s futuristic concept car

BMW executive calls EVs ‘overhyped’ at company event about EVs

NIO recalls nearly 5,000 electric SUVs after battery fires in China

Faraday Future fires dozens of employees on unpaid leave

I went to Australia to test out Tesla’s vision of the future

The Lightyear One is a prototype ‘solar car’ with 450 miles of range

Argo AI will spend $15 million to form a self-driving car research center

Waymo strikes a deal with Nissan-Renault to bring driverless cars to Japan and France


Tesla Arcade hands-on: using a Model 3 steering wheel as a game controller

Domino’s teams up with Nuro for driverless pizza delivery in Houston

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and YouTube streaming are coming to Tesla cars

Ford will test new third-generation self-driving cars in Detroit

The biggest news from Elon Musk’s Tesla shareholder meeting