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Cars are the technology of the future. The Verge brings you new car reviews, auto show insights, deeply reported investigations, and news from the frontlines of autonomous and electric vehicle development. We bring you updates from major companies like Ford, GM, Mercedes, and VW as well as digital upstarts like Uber, Google, and Tesla. Cars are among the biggest computers that we’ll ever own, and we know computers. We also bring you news and analyses from the growing effort to reduce the number of cars crowding our cities and the fight to reduce oil consumption, cut CO2 emissions, and shift to more sustainable sources of energy.

Tesla’s driving data storage system hacked by Dutch investigators

Tesla bucks chip shortage woes with another profitable quarter

Nikola allowed to proceed with $2 billion patent lawsuit against Tesla

Foxconn reveals three ‘Foxtron’-branded electric vehicle prototypes

Toyota has gone from lobbying against EVs to spending billions on battery development

Tesla rolls out Safety Score-based insurance product in Texas

IndiEV reveals electric car with a built-in gaming PC but not much else

Safety regulator wants info on Tesla’s FSD beta, ‘safety score’ evaluation

Ford to deploy ‘angels’ to troubleshoot busted EV chargers

Chevy Bolt recall will be paid for by battery supplier LG Electronics, GM says

The six-figure Mercedes-Benz EQS gets a 350-mile range rating

Tesla is moving its headquarters to Austin, Texas

The 2022 Geneva Motor Show is nixed thanks to COVID and the chip shortage

Rivian’s IPO filing reveals Amazon’s prime influence

Apple CarPlay could control more parts of your vehicle in the future

The Chevy Silverado EV will debut at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

GM reveals Ultra Cruise ‘hands-free’ system that covers ‘95 percent’ of driving scenarios

GM envisions electric vehicles with 600 miles of range with new battery research center

Volvo announces plans to go public in bid to accelerate shift to electric cars

Ford and GM working toward settlement over the term ‘Cruise’ for hands-free driving

Electric vehicle maker Rivian has filed to go public

Judge shelves Nikola’s $2 billion patent lawsuit against Tesla

Foxconn is buying Lordstown Motors’ Ohio EV factory for $230 million

Samsung is bringing digital car keys to its phones, starting in South Korea

Honda is doubling down on rockets, robots, and flying cars

The first plug-in hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee is here

Amazon’s automotive efforts appear to be taking a pit stop

Elon Musk: ‘we probably don’t need’ NDAs for Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta

Tesla asks owners to share fewer clips of ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta mistakes

Toyota’s autonomous division just bought the company that made a self-driving DeLorean do donuts

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