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'Works with Square' program launches with first payment accessory

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works with square griffin
works with square griffin

Square has only introduced a select few accessories for its card reader so far, but starting today, more and more could start turning up — only now, from third-party manufacturers. The accessories will come out of Works with Square, a program launching today that'll allow Square's partners to build and sell accessories that are designed around helping businesses accept payments. For now, Square isn't describing the range of shapes they can take or functions they can perform, but a first accessory is being introduced today: an iPhone case from Griffin that protects the phone, stores the card reader, and holds the reader in place when it's in use.

It's certainly a modest beginning for the Works with Square program, but there are likely bigger dreams behind it. It's more than a little reminiscent of Apple's successful Made for iPhone program, which has developers applying for approval to connect with the iPhone in specific ways, and — just an importantly — display a logo on their accessories' packaging letting buyers know that they're part of the approved program. While there won't be nearly as much demand for Square accessories, there's certainly a growing business market — one that Square seems to be hoping will grow bigger if the right accessories exist to fit their needs.