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Zolt is a tiny universal laptop power adapter that doubles as a USB charger

Zolt is a tiny universal laptop power adapter that doubles as a USB charger


Juice up your computer and two USB devices at once

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Odds are that unless you bring your computer back and forth between home and your office, you're still using the power adapter that came with it. But if you plan to buy a second one, or just want to upgrade to something more versatile, there's a new alternative called the Zolt. It's a $79.99, 70-watt notebook charger that also charges two USB devices at the same time. It's designed mainly to charge PCs, but will also work with Apple's MagSafe plug using a $30 adapter the company says it's still developing.

There are some other neat design tricks, like swiveling 90 degrees to send your cords facing in a different direction, and a tall and narrow footprint that promises to take up just one plug instead of two on an outlet or power strip. Also, when not using it as a notebook adapter, the Zolt works a 3-plug USB charger, which potentially means one less thing you need to schlep.

Half the weight of Apple's charger

Besides its power features, one of the things that makes the Zolt potentially more attractive than first-party power adapters is its size. It's 3 inches long and 3 ounces in weight, which is half of what Apple 45-watt MagSafe 2 charger weighs, and less than a competing combination USB and notebook power adapter from Kensington. International users should take note that the adapter will work on other voltages, but you'll need to plug it into a wall plug adapter, which Zolt does not sell.

Zolt in bag (Zolt)

This all may sound a little similar to FinSix's Dart charger, which debuted at last year's Consumer Electronics Show, and promised similar feats of size and weight. But that product still hasn't shipped, and won't until May. Zolt says it plans to have its model out to buyers in the spring (when it plans to raise the price to $99.99) along with releasing its Apple adapter. In the meantime, the company promises it will power PC notebooks from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and others using its included 6-foot charging cable.

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