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Buffalo 802.11ac gigabit wireless gear coming to CES

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Buffalo teases 802.11ac gigabit wireless gear for CES.

Buffalo Wireless
Buffalo Wireless

We just received an invitation to meet with Buffalo at CES for the unveiling of its first 802.11ac wireless product. While we've already seen 802.11ac components announced from companies like RedpipeQuantenna, and Broadcom, the Buffalo device will be one of the first retail units revealed, although we expect to see many more 802.11ac-capable devices demonstrated at CES including smartphones, home routers, and even car-area-networks.

802.11ac Wi-Fi operates at 5GHz and is capable of speeds beyond 1Gbps — more than double the throughput of today's fastest 3x3 802.11n products operating in the same frequency. We're also expecting to see the first 802.11ad devices at CES capable of pushing data wirelessly at 4Gbps over much shorter distances.

Official 802.11ac gear is expected to begin shipping in the latter half of 2012 after the standard is finalized. Although it wouldn't surprise us to see products based on a draft 802.11ac specification ship early as is the industry custom.