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Microsoft offers $100 to people who can beat Windows Phone speed tests

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Microsoft will hand out $100 to CES 2012 attendees who can beat Windows Phone in a device speed test.

Windows Phone $100
Windows Phone $100

Microsoft will hand out $100 to CES 2012 attendees who are able to beat the speed of Windows Phone. Ben Rudolph, Microsoft's phone and PC guy, is running the contest from the software makers' booth at CES. The challenge is simple, beat a Windows Phone feature with a rival device. Microsoft has created a number of challenges, including taking, tagging, posting pictures to Facebook, and posting status updates to multiple social networks. To win $100 all people have to do is simply beat Windows Phone with any other cellphone.

Rudolph is calling the challenge "smoked by Windows Phone", and contestants might get the chance to win a Windows Phone in the process. Microsoft's latest marketing effort is designed to drive awareness for the platform, Rudolph admitted to us on Monday, something that Windows Phone lacks despite being released over a year ago. Rudolph's not concerned if hardcore Android fans turn up with tweaked devices to beat the challenge though, challengers will only be able to pick one of 10 scenarios to go head-to-head with Windows Phone. The challenge kicks off at 2pm (PT) today and we'll be watching closely to see just how many people manage to snag $100.