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Novero Solana convertible Cedar Trail netbook hands-on pictures

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Novero Solana convertible cedar trail netbook hands-on from CES 2012.

Gallery Photo: Novero Solana netbook hands-on
Gallery Photo: Novero Solana netbook hands-on

Novero's Solana convertible netbook is on display at CES 2012 this week. The Solana is powered by Intel's Cedar Trail N2600 Atom processor, which started shipping late last year. It also includes 2 USB 2.0 ports, a microSD slot, 2GB RAM and a HDMI port. Overall it's very similar to Dell's own Inspiron Duo, another convertible tablet, but it feels lightweight and a little thinner than Dell's offering. There's little information on pricing and availability, but it's expected to ship some time in February.