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Motorola Connected Home Gateway is a router for your housewares

Motorola announced the Connected Home Gateway today, a router for your home that lets you control your lights, security, and more from a single access point.

Motorola Connected Gateway
Motorola Connected Gateway

Motorola figures that soon enough, everything in your house from your TV to your blinds is going to have a wireless radio onboard. That's why the company launched the Connected Home Gateway, a device that essentially acts as a router for every gadget in your home. It's powered by a 1.2GHz processor, and Motorola says it supports a wide range of protocols and standards — including the 4Home standard the company is trying to implement — so it can connect to a variety of disparate devices and services. Motorola is also working with service providers to make it a plug-and-play way to get new devices on the network, so that you can control security, automation, and the like from a single system. The Connected Home Gateway is clearly more concept than market-ready product at this point, but we're interested to see if Motorola's experience making routers and cable boxes helps is start connecting even more devices.