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Cubify to unveil Cube 3D consumer printer and online create-and-make service at CES 2012

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3D Systems Corporation will show off its 3D printing capabilities at CES, including one tool that lets you use a Kinect to create 3d printable content.

3D Systems Corporation will be using CES to demonstrate its Cube 3D consumer printer, 3D object creation apps, and 3D "create-and-make" online environment. The company will also be showing off its Geomagic-powered Kinect-To-Print app which, like the company's mobile or tablet apps, allows regular humans to create and print 3D objects with "coloring book simplicity," albeit with a lot more flailing of the arms. An online library will be pre-populated with 3D printable content in the form of games, puzzles, and "collections" and will also serve as a marketing tool for your creations. Details are sparse, so we'll be sure to swing by their booth here in Las Vegas later in the week to see how it stacks up against the Thing-O-Matic 3D printer and services like Shapeways. Look for a beta of Cubify to go live on January 10th.