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Latest LTE Windows Phones handsets run build 8107

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Microsoft's latest Windows Phone build includes LTE support for new devices.

Gallery Photo: HTC Titan II for AT&T first hands-on
Gallery Photo: HTC Titan II for AT&T first hands-on

Microsoft's latest LTE-equipped Windows Phone devices feature build 8107 of the operating system. We got an early hands on with the HTC Titan II today, and checked out the about screen of the device to confirm it's a regular version of Windows Phone. 8107 is currently rolling out to existing Windows Phone devices and fixes a disappearing keyboard bug, and other issues. The existence of the update on HTC's device confirms that Microsoft hasn't shipped an interim Windows Phone release to manufacturers, in order to enable LTE support.

A recently leaked roadmap suggests that Microsoft's next Windows Phone update will be codenamed Tango. The update is expected to be designed for "products with the best prices," pushing Windows Phones devices to cheaper price points. Until Tango is ready, we'll have to enjoy 8107 and any other Windows Phone updates Microsoft has to offer in the near future.