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Vizio all-in-one PC hands-on

Vizio all-in-one PC hands-on


The new Vizio all-in-one PC is aimed at the home entertainment ecosystem.

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The new Vizio all-in-one PC, announced this morning, is probably the most distinctive part of the company's entry into the computer space. The keyboard features big, comfortable keys (similar to the company's new laptops), and currently the trackpad is finicky (multitouch doesn't work yet) although the wrinkles should be ironed out before it ships. The device features stereo speakers (one on each side of the base) and a subwoofer in the power supply. Under the hood, one can find an unspecified Intel processor with discrete Nvidia graphics, and while you'll see a Bluetooth dongle in the gallery below, it will be integrated by the time this thing ships. There's an HDMI input so you can use the dispay as a TV, but the company has interestingly opted to not include a TV tuner with this device — we were told that only 8% of Vizio's TV customers use the built-in tuner. Overall, it's nicely built, but we'll have to see what pricing looks like when these ship in May or June.