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Panasonic details Smart Viera, new apps at CES 2012

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The newly announced (and Timberlake-co-owned) MySpace TV might be bringing the spirit of 2003 to the connected TV space, but Panasonic has also premiered apps this afternoon that are decidedly more forward-thinking. These include content from Miramax, HSN, Flixster, SnagFillms, and (if negotiations don't dissolve in a sad wave of acrimony), Disney. In addition, the company has outlined a number of new features that are coming to the technology, including a web browser, version 2.0 of the Viera Remote App, Skype functionality, search and more.

Panasonic is calling the new iteration of Viera Connect, "Smart Viera," and the company has made some changes to ease of operation, picture quality, networking and more that it hopes improved the whole IPTV experience.