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Microsoft launches HTML5 version of 'Cut the Rope' at CES 2012

Microsoft launches HTML5 version of 'Cut the Rope' at CES 2012


Cut the Rope HTML5 version now available for Internet Explorer 9 users.

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Microsoft unveiled a HTML5 version of Cut the Rope at CES 2012 today. Created with the help of ZeptoLab, the game includes 25 levels in total for Internet Explorer 9 users — seven of which are exclusive when the site is pinned. Gabby Hegerty, Internet Explorer lead in the UK, explained to us that the web app is part of Microsoft's IE9 beauty of the web promotion, something that helped launch the web browser in March 2011.

Microsoft previously demonstrated Cut the Rope on Windows 8, and Hegerty revealed there are discussions around a Windows Phone 7 app. Although the latest effort is HTML5, it doesn't work correctly on Windows Phone's browser, and there's no plans to fix that. Microsoft's Cut the Rope for IE9 follows a similar effort by Google, Chrome Angry Birds, and does let Safari, Firefox, and Chrome users play the game. However, If you want access to the special seven levels you'll have to use Internet Explorer 9 and pin the site to your taskbar.