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CES 2017: the biggest events and live streams to watch for

CES 2017: the biggest events and live streams to watch for


How to keep up with the deluge

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It's CES time again, which means that the week's news will be dominated by a dizzying maelstrom of press conferences, product reveals, and other announcements timed to coincide with the happenings in Las Vegas.

It is, as you might expect, pretty hard to keep up with. But with this handy list, you'll be able to get a handle on when all the biggest news is likely to drop. Where possible, we've included links to live streams.

Tuesday, January 3rd


When: Tuesday, January 3rd at 1PM PT / 4PM ET

What: Last night we got our first look at the first electric vehicle from Chrysler, the Portal. We can expect to find out more on the minivan concept at today's press conference, which you can stream here.


When: Tuesday, January 3rd at 2PM PT / 5PM ET

What: Qualcomm is responsible for the most unhinged press conference in the history of CES, but there probably won't be any hyperactive “Born Mobile” teens or appearances from Big Bird this time around. Instead, we're likely to hear more about the Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm's flagship processor for 2017.


When: Tuesday, January 3rd at 6PM PT / 9PM ET

What: Faraday Future's CES appearance last year was widely panned, and with the company reportedly in turmoil, all eyes will be on its follow-up performance today. There'll allegedly be a debut for the first Faraday Future production vehicle — find out for yourself by watching the stream here.

Wednesday, January 4th


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 6:30AM PT / 9:30AM ET

What: BMW has promised that its CES 2017 showing will provide a glimpse "into the interior of the future" with a selection of "trailblazing concepts and revolutionary technology." It already announced one of these ideas, the HoloActive Touch gesture control system.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 8AM PT / 11AM ET

What: LG is in its element at CES, and it's already announced a whole bunch of stuff that it'll be bringing along. Phones, USB-C monitors, nightmarish Bluetooth neck speakers — and more? Find out live here.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

What: Panasonic is another company that still treats CES as a big event, and we can expect as many consumer electronics at this year's show as ever. One notable rumored example is the Lumix GH5 camera, the next entry in Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds line that's popular with videographers.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 1PM PT / 4PM ET

What: Toyota says it will showcase a new concept vehicle that highlights the "critical importance of UX in the development of highly automated vehicles and robots.” What does this mean? Find out live here.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 2PM PT / 5PM ET

What: Expect Samsung to show off some hardcore home appliances, like its extreme four-way washer and maybe a new fridge with a giant touchscreen. No flagship phones, of course — just the midrange Galaxy A series — but maybe an apology for the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle in Samsung's biggest public appearance yet since recalling the device.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 4:30PM PT / 7:30PM ET

What: The Vergecast is live, on video, and on Twitter this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It is going to be wild — don't miss it.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 5PM PT / 8PM ET

What: If rumors are to be believed, Sony could show off a 4K OLED TV at CES 2017, four years after demoing a prototype. Otherwise, who knows — maybe a new Walkman? Find out for yourself here.


When: Wednesday, January 4th at 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET

What: Nvidia opens CES after a heck of a year — the company launched a full range of hugely impressive GPUs powered by its new Pascal architecture, and continued its push into AI and self-driving cars. Previous CES keynotes from Nvidia have been both interminably long and peppered with genuine surprises, so if you're down for some deep cuts this could be one to watch. Which you can do here.

Thursday, January 5th


When: Thursday, January 5th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

What: This isn't an event per se, but the show floor opens for the first time today after the past two days of press events and announcements. That means you'll see more hands-on coverage and on-the-ground reporting start to appear on The Verge, so keep it locked.


When: Thursday, January 5th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

What: “Uncarrier Next.” Not even a number. Guess we'll find out.


When: Thursday, January 5th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

What: This is Xiaomi's first big US press conference, which could either mean that there'll be really big news or mean that it'll be a non-event that explains why Xiaomi hasn't had a big US press conference yet.