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Acer announces monitors with eye-tracking and ultra-fast refresh rates

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Acer is announcing three new Predator gaming monitors at CES 2017. The most interesting is the Z301CT, a curved ultrawide with built-in Tobii eye-tracking that works with games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Watch Dogs 2. The monitor works at up to 200Hz and supports Nvidia G-Sync for smooth performance at any frame rate, but the downside is the resolution — it’s 2560 x 1080, which is a little low for a panel of this size. It’ll ship next month for $899.99.

Acer is also introducing the XB2 line, which consists of the 24.5-inch XB252Q and the 27-inch XB272. Both are 1080p G-Sync-capable displays, and their main selling point is a blazing fast 240Hz refresh rate, which will test any GPU even at that relatively low resolution. The XB252Q will sell for $549.99 and the XB272 costs $679.99; both ship in February.

The new range echoes features announced in other Acer monitors a few months ago, but the company says the Z301CT is the first ever curved monitor with built-in eye tracking, so perhaps the release plans have changed. We’ll be seeing the new monitors in person very soon, in any case, so stay tuned for impressions.