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Nissan teases Microsoft's Cortana assistant in its cars

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Nissan appears to be preparing to announce Microsoft’s Cortana integration for its cars. The motor company tweeted a short video with Cortana checking a schedule and teasing some “exciting announcements” for Nissan’s CES keynote on Thursday. It’s not clear exactly what Nissan will announce, but the company is holding its keynote at 4PM on January 5th, streaming live on Twitter or YouTube.

Microsoft has been experimenting with Cortana in cars for at least a year. The software maker first unveiled a Windows in the car concept back in 2014, and the same prototype software progressed to include Cortana last year. Microsoft has been working to integrate Cortana into the windshield of a car, allowing drivers to make restaurant reservations or see their favorite locations on a virtual map. Nissan has previously used a special version of Windows in its cars to create its own interface and system. If the pair are working on Windows in vehicles, then we could be set to see exactly how Microsoft envisions Cortana inside cars later this week.