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Moen’s new shower system lets you pre-heat the water from your smartphone

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Oh my god please no one hack it

Nothing’s better than a warm shower to start your morning or end the day (your life, you do you) but many times we find ourselves sitting cold in the bathroom while waiting for the water to heat up. Moen’s new smart shower system wants to fix this by adding the ability to remotely start the shower from a smartphone so you can pre-heat the water temperature.

The U shower system lets you connect up to four water outlets (regular shower head, body spray, tub faucet, or overhead rain shower) and comes with a digital control panel. It connects to an app via Wi-Fi and lets you program up to 12 settings, such as a cold shower for post-workouts or a warm one for wintry nights. You can get really specific, too: the water temperature can be set precisely between 60 to 120 degrees.

But of course, the selling point is the pre-heating function. The app allows you to remotely start the shower, then you’ll get a notification when the water’s up to temperature. At this point, you can get your lazy self out of bed for the shower, or pause it and hold the water at that temperature until you’re ready to hop in. The whole thing sound so lavish, I nearly forgot that someone could turn it into this year’s botnet and ruin my life at my most vulnerable, naked state.

But if that’s the risk you’re willing to take for the sake of convenience and luxury, the Moen U will available in March 2017. It starts at $1,160 for a two-outlet system, and jumps up to $2,200 for four outlets. Additional installation will be required to make sure your home is equipped to run the digital system.