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This smart cat feeder lets your pet remove the last vestige of human interaction

This smart cat feeder lets your pet remove the last vestige of human interaction


So your cat can embrace a machine instead of you

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In the age of the ubiquitous smartphone, it’s only a matter of time before every object — no matter how trivial or trite — gets connected to the internet. That brings us to Catspad, an automated smart cat feeder that allows a feline friend to eat dry food and drink clean water for up to one month without any direct physical intervention from a human owner. The device, from a French startup of the same name, is going live on Kickstarter later this week, and we got an early glimpse of a prototype here at CES this evening.

Catspad can even identify your cat and dispense food based on its microchip

By connecting to Wi-Fi via the Catspad mobile app, the dome-shaped food and water dispenser can be automated during certain times of the day. So you can arrange food deliveries by weight — sensors in the food bowl detect how much kibble is present — and monitor how much clean, filtered water is left over after each day. Catspad holds up to 60 ounces of dry food, and about 8 liters of water. The company says that should be enough for one cat to live autonomously for up to one month, so long as you’ve set up the food-delivery schedule and keep tabs on the water supply.

The app also has a nutrition calendar for tracking your cat’s calorie intake and a water monitoring panel for when you want to activate and deactivate the filtration pump. One other neat feature it performs is identification. Catspad will scan the existing microchip on your cat to personally identify it, which the mobile app then uses to let you monitor food for specific cats in a multi-pet household.

Catspad is launching a Kickstarter on January 5th, with prices starting at $199. The finished product will be ready to ship in June with a final price of $249.

- Source: Catspad

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