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Casio’s new outdoor smartwatch adds GPS, offline maps, and Android Wear 2.0

Casio’s new outdoor smartwatch adds GPS, offline maps, and Android Wear 2.0

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Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 was a niche but impressive smartwatch debut — unlike most products in the category, it was obvious exactly who might want to use it and why. Now Casio is back one year later with a follow-up product that builds on the previous blueprint.

The Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20 fixes one of the WSD-F10’s more obvious omissions by adding GPS support. In addition to this, Casio is including the ability to download maps from Mapbox and use them offline in tandem with GPS. The GPS data can also be used with the watch’s Activity app, recording the path traveled while hiking, cycling, kayaking and so on. These features should make the watch a lot more useful as a device independent of a smartphone.

The orange version is notably less orange

The WSD-F20 has a new design that looks a little more rugged than the previous model, if such a thing is possible, and the orange version is notably less orange than before — there’s a more prominent, apparently more protective black bezel around the display. Which still does have a flat tire, yes, and does the same neat trick of flipping into a monochrome mode that can extend battery life for a month.

The new watch runs on Android 2.0, and the WSD-F10 will also receive an update to the new OS. Most of the Smart Outdoor Watch’s most useful functionality is found in Casio’s own software, however, so features like the new watch faces will probably be just as important.

Casio will be selling the WSD-F20 for $500 (the same price as the WSD-F10 when it launched) when it releases on April 21st.

Update January 4th, 3:00PM: Casio announced at a press event pricing and release information for the WSD-F20, which this post has been updated to reflect.