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LG put webOS and Amazon Alexa on a fridge

LG put webOS and Amazon Alexa on a fridge

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LG is putting all the software in its new fridge. At CES today, it announced a connected “smart refrigerator” that includes both the webOS operating system and integration with Amazon’s Alexa assistant. This means that the fridge can do everything from automatically adjust its power settings to order groceries with your voice.

The smart fridge has a 29-inch front touchscreen with something called Instaview, a “door in door” that can turn translucent to show you the contents of your fridge. LG also touts its ability to look up recipes, play music, check the weather, and shop online. Instead of sticky notes, users can leave notes and tags on the front using webOS, and a “fresh tracker” can keep track of food expiration dates. Third-party integration with Alexa also means you can use voice commands instead of the touchscreen.

LG smart fridge with a huge touchscreen

LG has previously put webOS on TVs, but this is the first time we’ve seen it move to household appliances. It’s not, however, the first refrigerator with an operating system. We saw a Windows 10 LG Instaview fridge last year, and Samsung used the Tizen operating system on a fridge at CES 2016. All these fridges combine some cool features with a fundamental slight ridiculousness. And in this case, we don’t know how much the fridge will cost or when it’s being released, so who knows when it may actually come to your home.