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BMW thinks your car interior will look like this in five years

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BMW today unveiled what it called a “glimpse into the mid-future” for the interior of its cars. It’s called the BMW i Inside Future sculpture, and it’s what BMW thinks you might be sitting in after 2020. It’s got comfy seats, a futuristic control system called HoloActive Touch, and the ability for each passenger to watch their own videos or listen to music without bothering everyone else in the car.

These concept designs are important because the way we ride in cars will be changing over the next decade. Instead of driving everywhere, new cars will be able to drive us around while we read a book, take a nap, or (for many of us, sadly) get some work done. BMW calls it a “living space for comfort-focused, permanently connected users.”

I’m not sure about all that, but it looks like something out of an ultra-modern furniture catalog. There are even books under the back seats! Sold.