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Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017

Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017

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Amazon isn’t at CES in any formal capacity, but once again, it seems to be everywhere thanks to Alexa. Since opening up its voice assistant to other companies’ products, we’ve seen it put in all types of gadgets and gain some strange integrations. And at CES this week, the continuation of that is one of the biggest trends we’ve seen.

Here are the highlights:

Alexa built in

These products include a microphone and speakers, so you can talk directly to them to interact with Alexa — no Echo required.

Alexa integrations

Even more products are adding integrations with Alexa, meaning they can be controlled by voice commands given to an Echo, Echo Dot, or any of the Alexa-enabled devices listed above.

That’s (most of) what we’ve spotted so far, but there’s likely to be more out there already and more to come. GeekWire reports that Alexa is now past 7,000 “skills” — Amazon’s name for integrations — more than doubling its total from September. In June, it had only 1,000 integrations.

Clearly, companies are interested. The question now may be: with such a wide variety of integrations and varying product qualities, can Amazon keep it all together in a way consumers continue to respect?

This story, initially published January 4th, has been updated with additional Alexa integrations.