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Hyundai envisions a future where your smart home is your driverless car, and vice versa

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Now that’s what I call a concept

Hyundai unveiled a whole bunch of futuristic things at CES this year: a low-cost driverless car, a bunch of robot exoskeletons, and an electric scooter. But the most out-there thing the South Korean automaker had to show wasn’t even physically present because it doesn’t exist yet. Nor will it ever, but wow, this is a wild one.

Hyundai’s “Mobility Vision” concept is a mash-up of a smart home with an autonomous vehicle, with futuristic furniture moving seamlessly between both. The idea is your autonomous vehicle is docked to your home via some sort of portal, becoming a cool extension that just detaches when you’re ready to be whisked across town for an errand or road trip. The motivation, Hyundai says, is to “blur the line between mobility and living and working space, integrating the car into the daily lives of users.”

Think of it as an added room that doubles as a car. Doubling down on the science fiction, Hyundai included a floating chair in its concept that moves seamlessly between the house and the car.

It’s hard to see how this becomes a reality — what if you live in a 4th floor walk-up? — but hat’s off to Hyundai for thinking big.