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Fisher-Price’s connected toy bike is like SoulCycle for kids

Fisher-Price’s connected toy bike is like SoulCycle for kids


It’s also adorable!

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Growing up with smart devices means kids these days are becoming more stationary, so Fisher-Price has introduced an adorable solution at CES 2017. The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is a toy bike that works with a companion app so toddlers can play educational games while pedaling.

It’s a hop, skip, jump from eventually graduating to SoulCycle

Parents can download the free app on Android or iOS and pair the bike to a tablet or a streaming TV device via Bluetooth. The game, Mission to Tech City, lets kids pick from a variety of animal characters and cars with fun decals. To move, kids simply pedal forward or backward and use the handle bar to steer. The goal of the game is to pick up alphabets in the correct order; each letter picked up teaches kids a new word. At the end of the round, kids can look at the words they’ve learned and unlock new characters and vehicles.

Fisher-Price has partnered with Nickelodeon for additional games parents can buy for $4.99 each. The games focus on different topics, such as math, science, and social studies, and are built for kids ages 3 to 6. The bike is adjustable to grow alongside the child. The company previously offered a similar type of toy, but it required parents buying game cartridges and hooking the bike up to a TV through an RCA connector.

If your kids get into it, it’s basically a hop, skip, jump from eventually graduating to SoulCycle. No guarantees that it’ll be anywhere near as fun though, but it’s probably healthier for your body and eyesight. Or maybe scrap this whole stationary bike thing and just play outside.

The Smart Cycle costs $149.99 and will be available in June 2017.