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Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 and X-T2 now come in silver

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If you still haven't been able to find Fujifilm's excellent X-T2 in stock, or if the equally wonderful (and my personal favorite) X-Pro2 is yet to persuade you of its charms, perhaps these new variants will tip you over the purchasing edge. Fujifilm is launching "Graphite" — gunmetal gray / silver, basically — models of each camera; it did the same thing with the X-T1, but this is the first time an X-Pro has been available in anything other than all black.

The graphite X-Pro2 will be available in a $1,799.95 kit with a matching 23mm f/2 weather-resistant lens and hood kit, while the X-T2 body will be sold alone for a somewhat eye-watering $2,299.95. Both are coming late January in the US.