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MyKronoz releases the ZeTime Petite, a smaller size of its hybrid mechanical smartwatch

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In case the ‘Petite’ name didn’t give it away

MyKronoz ZeTime Petite

Swiss watch company MyKronoz has a new version of its ZeTime hybrid smartwatch, the ZeTime Petite, which solves one of the biggest problems with the original ZeTime — it makes it smaller, with 39mm case size.

The MyKronoz ZeTime was a crowdfunding project that looked to offer the best of both worlds when it came to smartwatches, combining a full color touchscreen overlaid with a pair of mechanical analog watch hands when it launched late last year.

Size aside, the rest of the ZeTime Petite is pretty much identical to the original, with a stainless steel case, sapphire glass, and a variety of watchbands in different materials and styles. The only other notable difference is that the smaller size leads to a smaller screen, down from 1.22 inches to 1.05 inches (although since both displays offer a 240 x 240 resolution, the Petite ends up looking sharper.)

The MyKronoz ZeTime Petite (left) and MyKronoz ZeTime (right)

The Petite solves one of the ZeTime’s issues, but ultimately, you’re still left with a proprietary smartwatch OS that lacks the kind of developer support or deep OS integration like Android Wear and WatchOS. On the other hand, smartwatch apps haven’t exactly panned out in a big way, and the ZeTime does offer all the basics you’d want from a smartwatch, including fitness, notifications, weather forecast, phone controls, and a heart rate sensor.

And like the original ZeTime, the ZeTime Petite claims to offer three days of battery life for the smartwatch side, and up to 30 days of battery life for the analog hands, which is better than most smartwatches.

Both sizes are available now from MyKronoz’ website, starting at $199 for either size.