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The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is held every year in Las Vegas. It’s typically the largest event of its kind and the trends seen there are a harbinger of what’s to come in the months ahead in areas such as televisions, laptops, streaming content, health and fitness, smart homes, and transportation. Due to COVID-19, The Verge will be covering the event remotely. As some companies drop out and others forge ahead, it promises to be a memorable event.

Google updates Android Auto to better fit all the different sized touchscreens in cars today

Making sense of new TV features in 2022

Buying a TV can be a confusing ordeal, but it doesn’t need to be

The pandemic has blurred the lines between laptop categories

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Computer monitors were inventive and interesting at CES 2022

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The Verge Awards at CES 2022

The things that got us most excited, bewildered, and delighted at CES 2022

Asus’ ROG Flow Z13 is a Surface Pro for gamers

Vergecast: CES 2022 favorites, vaporware, and what may actually ship

A BMW concept using e-ink to automatically change the paint color on a car from white to black and back again

CES had a pretty good year

The OnePlus 10 Pro gets a better RAW mode and a wider ultrawide camera

Eargo’s new hearing aids can automatically adjust to your environment

GM says Qualcomm’s computer chips will power its next-gen ‘hands-free’ driving mode

All the smart home gadgets worth knowing about from CES 2022

HP adds two new Dragonfly models to its business lineup

BMW shows off huge 31-inch in-car screen to keep backseat passengers entertained

Eufy’s new video doorbell uses two cameras to catch porch pirates

Intel announces 5.5GHz capable 12th Gen CPU

Black + Decker’s $300 Bev vacuums up a Keurig-shaped hole in the robot bartender space

Samsung made a dedicated smart home dashboard, and we want one

This Tablo ATSC 3.0 tuner is a DVR for the 4K over-the-air TV future

BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES: E Ink

Volvo confident it can get its ‘unsupervised’ highway driving mode approved in California

Razer’s new Zephyr Pro mask has the voice amp feature we wanted all along

Android will finally get AirPod-style auto-switching in 2022

Google will spend 2022 trying to match Apple’s ecosystem integrations

The Motorola MA1 is a dongle for wireless Android Auto

Razer’s Project Sophia concept turns your desk into a modular computer

Razer’s Enki Pro HyperSense can jig to the beat of your games

Some Volvos will get a YouTube app and Google Assistant-controlled AC

Razer’s new app will put Chroma RGB throughout your home