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Chevy kills the $40,000 Silverado EV.

Another entry-level electric truck is no more. Today the embargo lifted on Chevy’s press junket in Ann Arbor to test out the upcoming Silverado EV, and while the power and range impressed many, the updated pricing information left a lot to be desired. The originally promised $40,000 base model (available in 2024) is now set to start at $50,000. It’s almost as if announcing pricing a year or more before you start making deliveries is a totally useless exercise!

Chevy Corvette E-Ray will have an all-electric ‘Stealth Mode’.

We’ve already seen the upcoming “electrified” 2024 Corvette E-Ray thanks to accidentally leaked images. But now Chevy confirms the presence of an all-electric “Stealth Mode,” which is sure to further infuriate loud exhaust stans. The official reveal won’t come until January 17th, but until then enjoy this short snowy teaser.

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The Chevy Bolt EV is having a very good year.

GM says it sold 14,709 Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs over the last three months, which is a record for the unassuming little hatchback. And with customer demand soaring, the automaker is boosting production by nearly 60 percent, from 44,000 to 70,000 for the calendar year. With an average sale price of over $65,000, the cheapest EV on the market is selling like hotcakes. What a shock, right?

The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV is priced to be everyone’s first electric vehicle

The new midsize SUV, which starts at around $30,000, is intended to be an ‘EV for everyone’