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The JAM Voice is a budget, $70 Amazon Echo

The JAM Voice is a budget, $70 Amazon Echo

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It’s been over a year since Amazon opened up its Alexa Voice Service to developers, allowing anyone to make their own hardware device with Alexa support. But so far, only a few devices have come out to take advantage of it.

While earlier products have added Alexa to speakers on a fridge or a smart home hub, the JAM Voice follows in the Echo's footsteps as a small, standalone speaker. But along with music playback, the JAM Voice includes the full suite of Alexa features, including answering questions, voice commands, and any of the other third-party "Skills" that developers have built for Amazon’s platform.

However, like most third-party Alexa devices (and Amazon's own Tap speaker), the JAM Voice lacks the Echo’s always-listening functionality for activating Alexa. The JAM Voice makes up for that disadvantage when it comes to price, however. It'll cost $69.99 when it becomes available in Best Buy stores on October 30th (significantly cheaper than the Amazon Echo’s price of $179.99).