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This case sticks an E Ink screen on the back of your iPhone 7

This case sticks an E Ink screen on the back of your iPhone 7


Now with 100 percent more screen

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E Ink displays are great when it comes to low-refresh-rate tasks like ebooks or digital signs, but bad for things like cell phone screens, which tend to benefit from modern conveniences like "color" and "moving images."

have the best of both worlds with an e ink screen on a smartphone

But that hasn’t stopped any number of manufacturers from trying to have the best of both worlds when it comes to integrating an E Ink screen into a smartphone. While the Yotaphone — which physically built in a second display on the back — is probably still the most dedicated attempt to include a display, other products, like the Popslate 2 battery case, or Oaxis’s original InkCase i6 have tried to offer iPhone users the option to add a second E Ink screen to their device.

Oaxis is continuing its efforts with the InkCase i7, which is functionally identical the iPhone 6 and 6S compatible InkCase i6, just with a larger aperture to accommodate the iPhone 7’s new camera. Otherwise, it maintains the 4.3-inch display, ePub and TXT ebook support, notification display, and almost comically oversized logo as the original.

The InkCase i7 doesn't have an external battery to charge your iPhone

Despite the size of the InkCase i7, it doesn’t actually have an external battery pack for charging the iPhone. It doesn't even directly connect to the device, instead transmitting data over Bluetooth and charging via a proprietary magnetic charger.

Preorders for the Inkcase i7 start October 12th for $99, with an expected ship date sometime in November.