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Adonit basically made a stylus for Snapchat

Adonit basically made a stylus for Snapchat


It’s even called Snap

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Adonit will introduce a new stylus designed for smartphones tomorrow called the Snap, a name that I suspect it’s getting for a few different reasons. Those being: it’s magnetic and snaps to the back of a metal phone; it has a button that triggers a phone’s camera to snap a photo; and — most importantly — it could be a great tool for serious Snapchat users.

The whole idea behind the Snap is that people are increasingly drawing on the photos they share with friends; in apps like iMessage, people may even share simple doodles.

It’s not so hard to make a crude drawing using your finger, but Adonit’s hope is that there’ll be enough people who want to do a better job; and the Snap is meant to let them do it.

The stylus is 4.3mm thick and just shorter than the length of an iPhone. It has a 1.9mm tip, which is the same size Adonit uses on its high-end tablet stylus. The Snap will sell for $34.99 and is supposed to work on both iOS and Android.

Are there a ton of people who want to carry around an accessory just to make better snaps and iMessage doodles? I’m not entirely sure. But there are plenty of people out there carrying around snap-on iPhone lenses and tripods just to take better photos, so maybe Adonit’s right and there’ll be a demand for a better drawing tool, too. I’ve definitely met some people who’d be into using it.