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Samsung made an expensive desktop PC that is also a speaker

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Now that you can get a VR-capable desktop PC for $499 you might find yourself wondering, "How can PC manufacturers possibly keep margins alive?" Samsung found a way. Its new ArtPC Pulse cylindrical PC / speaker is $1,199.99 to preorder on Amazon right now. I suppose a lower-end SKU could be forthcoming, but there's not a ton of fat to cut here: the 256GB SSD is nice, but 8GB of RAM is basically a minimum these days, and the AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card falls below Oculus's new minimum VR spec so what’s the point. Even the processor is boring; a sixth-gen Core i5.

What you're really paying for is this hot cylinder shape, the word "Art" in the name, and a built-in Harmon Kardon speaker. HP just released a speaker-as-a-desktop, too, but it was kind enough to charge $529.99. Look, I'm sorry to be so hung up on price here, I just want you to know what you're getting yourself into.

If you really want to blow money on a novelty-shaped desktop, Apple still sells its ancient Mac Pro for $2,999. Get it while it lasts!