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SweetVinyl’s SugarCube SC-1 removes clicks and pops from old vinyl records

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A company called SweetVinyl just introduced a device that takes pops and clicks out of records without damaging them. Called the SugarCube SC-1, SweetVinyl says it designed an algorithm to detect unwanted noises, isolates them, and removes them in real time. The SC-1 is a standalone device that can be hooked up to a turntable through a RCA connector, although SweetVinyl is also incorporating the technology into its new SC-2 vinyl recorder.

Pops and clicks are a natural part of vinyl, especially if you’re listening to vintage finds, but sometimes the noise pollution is kind of really terrible. I have a Billie Holiday record, for instance, that I bought at a flea market in Chicago six years ago. The record definitely survived a few floods and isn't in the best condition. I cherish it, but dread playing it because the songs constantly pop, click, and sputter along. The excess noise often distracts from the pure listening experience I want. Maybe an algorithm could be nice.

Up until now, I would have had to rely on an audio recording software that takes the pops out for me digitally. SugarCube maintains the vinyl experience while making it a little better for the audiophiles.