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Will Anker be the company to finally put a heads-up display in my car?

Will Anker be the company to finally put a heads-up display in my car?

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Navdy promised to bring a transparent car navigation display to the public around two years ago. It took preorders for $399, and only this past month did the devices start shipping to buyers. Those units are under non-disclosure agreements, too, so we don’t know how well they work or what they even look like. Now Anker, the hardware company from a former Google employee best known for its backup battery packs, is working on a similar product. Could Anker beat Navdy to a public launch? Called the Roav, all we really know is that it mounts on top of a user’s car dashboard and will display calls and directions without a distracting screen. We also know preorders open next month. Anker is so mysterious.

The Roav has a dedicated webpage and a Twitter account with just one tweet from a week ago.

Anker also launched a Facebook page that has a few posts, but still, nothing too enlightening. It seems like Roav might be a line of products as opposed to one specific device. Here’s what Anker wrote on its Facebook page’s "About Me:"

Roav is the collection of interconnected car accessories designed to improve everyday driving. Created by the pioneering minds behind the Anker brand, Roav is all about making your drive as simple and enjoyable as possible through innovative smart gadgets. From Advanced Driver Assistance System devices to dashcams and backup cams, Roav has everything you need to stay connected in your car.