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Turn your GoPro into a Nerf football with this Kickstarter project

Turn your GoPro into a Nerf football with this Kickstarter project

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The AER is a Kickstarter project that looks to take the same concussion-avoiding principles of the classic foam Nerf football and apply it to your GoPro instead.

AERVIDEO claims that the AER, which consists of a Nerf-inspired foam casing and fins, makes it possible to safely throw your GoPro up in the air to take drone-esque aerial shots at a fraction of the price of a decent drone. It’s an idea that brings to mind Jonas Pfeil’s Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, which similarly took a bunch of cameras and fit them into a foam ball for interesting aerial shots.

The problem is that while drones are powered flying devices that allow you to control where your camera is going and what you're shooting, the AER is quite literally flinging a GoPro in the sky on a wing and a prayer and hoping you get something good out of the same arcing throw.

However, the price is certainly cheaper than most drones, selling for $55 on Kickstarter (on the other hand, a Nerf Vortex football costs $12.99). The company hopes to start shipping the AER in January, with the usual reminder that this is a crowdfunding campaign for a company that hasn’t shipped anything before, so use your best judgement when backing.

This story was originally published on October 11, 2016 and has been updated to include video.