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This magical floating cloud speaker is what dreams are made of

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Two years ago, Richard Clarkson made the Smart Cloud, a delightfully realistic-looking cloud-shaped lamp / speaker. The design was meant to evoke a thunderstorm, with the cloud flicking accurately and booming out thunder (along with also functioning as a regular lamp and Bluetooth speaker).

But the problem with the original Smart Cloud was that it had to be hung from a ceiling cord, which completely broke the illusion of having a magical, musical cloud floating in your living room. But Clarkson is back this year with a new project, Making Weather, that combines his original Smart Cloud with magnetic levitation technology from Crealev to solve this problem by making a true floating cloud.

While the Smart Cloud is an actual product that you can purchase (for a whopping $3,360), no release information has yet been announced for Making Weather, although it likely will fall in a similarly expensive range.