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Microsoft Stores are now selling HP’s Elite x3 Windows phone

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HP Elite x3-news-Mark Linsangan Mark Linsangan

Microsoft hasn’t had much to offer in the Windows phone world this year, but it’s just picked up a new device to show off in stores: HP’s Elite x3.

The Elite x3 was released at the end of August and is generally meant for business customers. But it’s one of the more compelling takes on Windows phones, using Windows 10’s Continuum feature mixed with some virtualization options to let owners use the same apps across mobile and desktop modes.

Microsoft is selling the phone, bundled with a dock for using it as a desktop, for $799, the same price it launched at. HP is supposed to launch a laptop-like dock in the near future, too.

The bundle is available in Microsoft’s retail stores, as well as online, which means it should be available to check out alongside the year-old Lumia phones. It’s very possible this’ll be the highest-end Windows phone for some time to come.