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Microsoft's canceled Band 3 wearable leaked in new images

Microsoft's canceled Band 3 wearable leaked in new images

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Microsoft recently ended sales of its Band 2 wearable device, and disbanded the team responsible for the wearable, but that doesn't mean the company wasn't planning a Band 3. A Windows Central forums user has posted images of what appears to be a Microsoft Band 3 prototype device. The poster claims the device would have included waterproofing, blood pressure tracking, and RFID support.

The images posted appear to show a Band with a slightly tweaked clasp design, but with the overall same design as the Band 2. Microsoft's Band 3 would have also reportedly included a swim tile, which is shown in the pictures, to track swimming sessions, and the ability to track blood pressure statistics. It's not clear why Microsoft has canceled its plans for a Band 3, but the company still aims to support existing Band devices for customers who opted into Microsoft's short-lived fitness adventure.

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