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Amazon's Echo gets proper to-do support with new Any.Do integration

Amazon's Echo gets proper to-do support with new Any.Do integration

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Amazon Echo

Amazon's voice-controlled Echo and Alexa platform can do a great many things, including keeping track of to-dos. But as many have found, the Echo's reminders and to-do list support is too basic for many things and items added to your list often remain trapped in Amazon's Alexa app. That might change today with a new integration from Any.Do coming to the platform.

Any.Do is an app and to-do service that's been around on the iPhone and Android devices for years. It offers the standard set of things you might expect from a to-do list app: different lists for different needs, due dates, and reminders. With the new integration with Alexa, it will be possible to add items to your Any.Do to-do and shopping lists with just your voice. Those lists will then be synced to any mobile devices that are signed into your Any.Do account.

Any.Do with Amazon Echo

The integration takes advantage of a new list API that lets you specify which to-do list service you want to add your item to. Once Any.Do is connected to your Alexa account and set as the default list app, you can just say things like "Alexa add Oreos to my shopping list" or "remind me to get the oil changed" and they will be added to your Any.Do account. You can also ask Alexa for a summary what's on your list of to-dos.

The new list API is currently in private beta and it appears that Any.Do is one of the first services to make use of it. Chances are, more will join over time, so if you currently use another to-do list service, such as popular options Wunderlist or Todoist, it's likely only a matter of time before they gain similar features with Alexa.

Any.Do's Alexa voice integration will be available starting today.

Update October 13th, 12:50PM ET: Another popular to-do list app, Todoist, has also enabled integration with Amazon's Alexa platform. You can read more about it here.