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The best way to stop a rogue drone is with another drone

The best way to stop a rogue drone is with another drone

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A company called Airspace is launching a bounty hunter drone that’ll capture other drones that infringe on airspace. It won’t traverse the country seeking out a specific drone, but it’ll keep your property intruder-free, or at least that's the idea. Airspace thinks plenty of drones are flying around places people might not want filmed or surveilled, so the company is marketing its drone to venues that want to "protect customers and guests from unwanted intruders," corporations that want to keep sensitive happenings secret, and utility companies that want to avoid accidental operational issues. I’m sure the government or police forces would also be interested in something like this, or maybe celebrities for when paparazzi inevitably take to drones to capture footage.

Airspace doesn’t give much information about its product on its website, but it does clarify that its drone doesn’t destroy whatever it captures. Instead, it uses a material that looks sticky, like Spider-Man’s web, to render the drone immobile. It also says it uses machine vision and deep learning to detect unwanted drones in the sky and lock onto them.

I can’t help but imagine a world where entire drone wars play out in the sky, maybe even without our knowledge. That’ll be fun!