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Samsung updates its Surface competitor with more RAM, storage, and gold

Samsung updates its Surface competitor with more RAM, storage, and gold


Meet the new Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition

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The Windows-powered Galaxy TabPro S was released by Samsung earlier this year, but the company has now given it a spec bump and a fresh lick of paint. The new TabPro S Gold Edition has the same 12-inch AMOLED display and detachable keyboard case as its predecessor, but now comes with 8GB of RAM (double the memory) and up to 256GB of solid state storage. Oh, and yes, did we mention it has a gold finish now as well?

The extra RAM is certainly welcome. When we reviewed the TabPro S back in April, performance was one of our main gripes, with the device often seizing up when faced with a lot of Chrome tabs. An extra 4GB of RAM should really solve that issue, as more storage is always welcome. However, the tablet's other specs remain unchanged, and we'd also have liked the addition of an LTE connection for getting work done on the go.

galaxy tabpro s gold

The Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition. (Image credit: Samsung)

But the question remains: is it worth it for the price? The new TabPro S Gold Edition is on sale for $999.99 at retailers including Best Buy and That's $200 more than the original, meaning that the device is likely to be a luxury, rather than a practical choice.

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