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Xiaomi made a bendable touchscreen

Xiaomi made a bendable touchscreen

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Youku (True Fox)

Lenovo, Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi are all reportedly working on bringing bendable phone screens to the public. We’ve seen some of these prototypes in-person, as well as in leaks online, and today we’re getting a look at Xiaomi’s idea for a bendable touchscreen. A 30-second video put online this past week seems to suggest Xiaomi created a real, tangible bendable phone IRL that also responds to touch. We don’t see the user bend it in multiple directions but it does seem to be bent in the person’s hand. We don’t have any details about a release or the phone itself.

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Samsung might release two smartphones with bendable OLED screens in 2017. One model is said to fold in half, while another has a 5-inch display that unfurls into a tablet-sized 8-inch panel. Maybe soon we'll have all the options when it comes to bendable screens!