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The eco-conscious Fairphone 2 is now a tiny bit slimmer and a whole lot brighter

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If you thought you were doomed to buying only environmentally disastrous electronics, then you might have forgotten about the Fairphone 2 — a modular smartphone with an ethics statement to be proud of. We reviewed the handset back in April, but the company just announced the tiniest of updates for the device: a new rear case that's slimmer than the original and available in four new colors.

All the Fairphone 2's specs and features remain unchanged by this addition, but we think it's worth flagging up the device again simply because it's doing something different in the industry. Not only does Fairphone try to source all its component minerals from ethical mines (meaning no child labour), its handset are also modular: you can take them apart with just a Philips screwdriver and buy replacement components if you break them.

In our review, we concluded that while it's not exactly a great smartphone, it is completely useable. And more importantly, with its 10 out of 10 repairability score from iFixit, it's reuseable too.